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Commercial air-conditioning control solution

  • Commercial air-conditioning control solution
Commercial air-conditioning control solution
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Commercial air-conditioning control solution


Foshan Tongbao (FSTB) is the leading temperature control solutions and services provider. We can supply set of controller for commercial refrigeration products, including thermostat, inverter, compressor and the PCBA controller, Our solutions enable thermostats to work more efficiently and seamlessly with frequency converters, compressors, high and low pressure switches, fans and electronic expansion valves. It can be used in island cabinet, display cabinet, vending machine, ice maker, medical freezer, cupboard and so on.


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The BPQ series inverter and controller has the features as below.

(1) Generalization

This product adopts advanced circuit design technology and PCB Layout technology. 1.5~3HP is realized by the same PCB, which is convenient for users to generalize the design of electric control box and reduce the cost of whole electric control design and maintenance.

(2) Integration

All functional components of this product are integrated on a single PCB board, and users only need to connect the power supply, load compressor, and communication line, which improves reliability and reduces the cost of electronic control wiring; this product integrates the power filter function, and customers do not need external filters. This product integrates the built-in drive fan control function and supports the built-in drive BLDC independent control.

(3) High reliability

This product is designed in accordance with the relevant UL standards

(4) High efficiency

This product adopts a high-performance digital signal processor, based on single-resistor current sampling and extended back-EMF sensorless vector control algorithm to achieve efficient operation of the drive system.


We supply compressor for commercial refrigeration, it's connected in our efficient control system solution.