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Commercial freezer/refrigerator control solution

  • Commercial freezer/refrigerator control solution
Commercial freezer/refrigerator control solution
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Commercial freezer/refrigerator control solution


Foshan Tongbao (FSTB) is the leading temperature control solutions and services provider. We can supply set of controller for commercial refrigeration products, including thermostat, inverter, compressor and the PCBA controller, Our solutions enable thermostats to work more efficiently and seamlessly with frequency converters, compressors, high and low pressure switches, fans and electronic expansion valves. It can be used in island cabinet, display cabinet, vending machine, ice maker, medical freezer, cupboard and so on.


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DWK series electronic thermostat can inspect with 4 or more temperature sensors in different positions. and control the high and low pressure switches, three-speed AC fan, electronic expansion valve.

And the KSD305, KSD310 bimetal thermostat can work for freezer defrosting, with 25A current maximum and UL approval.


We supply compressor for commercial refrigeration, it's connected in our efficient control system solution. 


it can be used in portable refrigeration, micro-refrigeration, temperature-controlled shipping containers, electronic refrigeration, medical imaging, mini cooling water systems, and the cooling of outdoor communication base stations and communication cabinets.

• Universal

• Intelligent

• High reliability

• high efficiency