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Household refrigerator control solutions

  • Household refrigerator control solutions
Household refrigerator control solutions
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Commercial freezer/refrigerator control solution


Foshan Tongbao (FSTB) is the leading temperature control solutions and services provider. We can supply set of controller for commercial refrigeration products, including thermostat, inverter, compressor and the PCBA controller, Our solutions enable thermostats to work more efficiently and seamlessly with frequency converters, compressors, high and low pressure switches, fans and electronic expansion valves. It can be used in island cabinet, display cabinet, vending machine, ice maker, medical freezer, cupboard and so on.


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NWP:This series are based on WP series, with additional Explosion-prooffunctionThey canbe used as temperature controlling elements in household refrigeration appliancessuch as refrigerators, freezers, in which R600a refrigerant is used and the evaporatoris in the chamber, Their operating temperatures are smoothly adjusted.They havehigh controlaccuracy and high reliability.


KP:This series can be used as temperature controlling elements in household refrigerationappliances such as refrigerators,freezers, showcases, water dispensors, etc they haveforced OFF and Forced ON positions. Their operating temperatures are smoothlyadjusted.They have high controlaccuracy and high reliability.


KSD303-A:This series is a small bimetal thermostat with housing and waterproof protection, The thermostat is sealed in acold-resistant, flame-retardant plastic tube and can work in water; Widely used in cool-cooled frost-free refrigerators as heating

compensation switches or automatic defrost control switches.